Window Tinting

Window Tinting:

  • Prevent sun glare
  • Benefit those with sensitivity to light
  • Aid in keeping your vehicle cooler
  • Allows more privacy

Window Tint


      You’re at a stop light and look over to the neighboring vehicle and notice a bunch of bubbles, wrinkles and peeling on their dark windows. That gets you thinking, who tinted their windows? But when you have our team at Altimate Automotive apply your window tinting, you won’t have those issues. We have qualified and experienced professionals who can apply the tinted film evenly and smoothly to all your windows.

      We’ve been window tinting for many years in the same shop. And since we understand everyone has different needs and purposes for having their windows tinted, you will be given all the options available to choose from. We have four different shades of tint ranging from 5% on up to 50%. If you’re unsure what these percentages mean, just ask one of us and we’ll be happy to explain.

      We take pride in our craftsmanship and technique. This is why our applications are done skillfully, thoroughly and accurately by professionals who know the process. Careful measurements and specific tools are used for applying window film, which we have on hand at our shop. If for any reason you decide you’re not happy with your window tinting done by one of our technicians, let us know upon completion so we can make other arrangements.

      Window tinting can prove to be beneficial for those who have medical conditions (such as sensitivity to light), prevent the inside of your vehicle from overheating and most of all keep the bright sun from glaring down on you and your passengers. The variances in shades can make a difference in visibility, so you’ll want to discuss this and other details with our team to make sure you won’t be putting yourself or others at risk. What are you waiting for, stop by to check out our services!


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