Remote Car Starters

Remote Starters



      With the unpredictable Michigan weather, wouldn’t it be nice to know you won’t have to sit in a cold or hot vehicle if you have one of our remote car starters installed? Altimate Automotive offers a variety of remote car starters at prices you can afford. Plus, our technicians can properly install it in no time and have you back up and driving on your way.

      One of our most commonly sought after brand name is Compustar®. Compustar® is a leading manufacturer that offers an assortment of ranges in which the remote starter will function. We have one package that will start your vehicle up to one mile away! Isn’t that amazing?

      In addition to starting your car or truck, most remote car starters come with a hot or cold mode, trunk opener, a sensory if your starter is connected to an alarm system, as well as the lock and unlock button. These features just add to the functionality and practicality of your remote car starter.

      Don’t be left sitting in the cold. Call or stop by Altimate Automotive to schedule your appointment for a one of our remote car starters today! You won’t be disappointed with our selection or service.


Choosing a remote car starter:

  • Think about your activities in order to determine the range

  • Ask about the warranties on our remote car starters

  • Ask about the different features available before you buy

  • We suggest having our professionals install your system

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