Motorcycle Audio

Motorcycle Audio



      Listening to music isn’t just for those driving cars, trucks and SUV’s anymore. In fact, motorcycle audio has come a long way over the last several years. If you enjoy riding the open roads on your motorcycle, your entertainment enjoyment just got better. Altimate Automotive has a line of motorcycle audio units that are sure to give you a memorable ride while listening to your favorite tunes.

      There are various types of speakers, amplifiers and mounts you can choose with pros and cons to each. Depending on your specific goal for your motorcycle audio system, what works for one person might not be the best option for the next. That’s why our professionals can answer your questions and provide you with examples of what they’ve worked on.

      Another great thing is that motorcycle audio units are affordable for just about everyone these days. All of our sound systems are high quality, look great installed, and have a variety of neat features for versatility. You can purchase handle bar mounted speakers, dashboard speakers, saddlebag speaker kits, or we can completely customize a system to give you a more surround sound experience.

      From motorcycle audio kits to a complete customized audio system, our team at Altimate Automotive can get the job done to your liking. And if you need other motorcycle accessories we can help there too. We stock MP3 Player or iPod holders, GPS holders, antenna’s and much more. Stop by our shop to choose your next audio system to receive high end sound during every ride.

Motorcycle Audio Systems:

  • Different speakers to choose from
  • Dash mounted
  • Handle bar mounts
  • Saddlebag Speaker Kits
  • Can listen to your MP3 player or iPod
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