About Us

      Altimate Automotive is passionate about pushing the car audio envelope. We take time and pride in our work. Altimate Automotive utilizes materials that match OEM fit and finish. Using materials such as fiber glass, different types of plastic, aluminum, and steel. Your vehicle is made from modern age materials to make it fuel efficient, safe, and last a very long time. We did not invent our fabrication techniques, we “borrowed” it from the OEM guys. Your vehicle will be interfaced with in the same manner it was produced; with that in mind it will be impossible to tell what’s been added, and what came factory.


 Our Products

      In the Tri-City Area we are proud AUTHORIZED dealers for the products we carry. Authorized means that we have invested in brands that we believe in. We have a relationship with these companies that is built on trust and performance, because these companies stand behind us. Atomic, CT Sounds, Memphis, Helix/Brax, Compustar, Pioneer, and Sony represent our selection of speakers, amplifiers, in dash navigation and media centers, alarms and remote startes. The performance, and the style of these product ensure that your experience at Altimate Automotive wil exceeds your expectations, no matter what your needs are.

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